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Utopia Dental Care‚Äč

Utopia Dental Care Blog

An ongoing series of what UDC does

NM Blue Cross Blue Shield

June 26, 2021

UDC has continued its collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield after a year's wait due to COVID-19! We are glad to be working with Blue Cross Blue Shield. It's good to be back!

For more information about NM Blue Cross Blue Shield visit their website:
NM Blue Cross Blue Shield 

Umoja Abq Health Fair

February 27 , 2021

Umoja Abq has collaborated with UDC to create a health fair event for local refugees! 

Umoja Abq's mission is to empower refugee women with tools and resources to enhance and develop their skills through education to successfully integrate and become self sufficient and independent into American society while still maintaining respective cultural values. 

For more information visit their website!

Umoja Abq

NM Dental Hygiene Day at the Legislature State Capitol 

February 14, 2020

Dental Hygienist Advocacy Day at the NM State Capitol in Santa Fe! Thank you to our lobbyist Debbie Maestas Traynor, the former NMDHA President Valoree Althoff, and the legislative chair Barbara Posler! Many hygienists and UNM senior dental hygiene students participated! Darly Barkley is the 2018-2020 treasurer for the High Desert ADHA District. 

To learn more visit their website:

High Desert ADHA District